Mattress Buying Tips

  • Give Your Current Sleep Set a Thorough Going-Over
    Check for age, condition, support, resiliency and appearance. A sleep set that is eight to ten years old is probably beginning to develop lumps and bumps, hills and valleys and losing support.
  • Get the Scoop on What’s Available
    Send for free literature from mattress manufacturers and organizations concerned with proper and healthy sleep.
  • Choose Stores You Trust
    Shop for your new sleep set in a reputable store, one you know and trust to to give you good information, service, and top quality. Select a store known for its customer satisfaction.
  • Test Drive as Many Models as Possible
    Wear comfortable clothing and make sure your shoes are easy to slip off. Lie down on each model for several minutes and turn from side to side to check comfort and support in all positions. Take your partner and try out the models together ? both should make the decision.
  • Think About Size, Think Modern
    The old-fashioned double bed provides only 26 inches of sleep space for each person. That’s about the same amount of space as a baby’s crib. Today’s modern Queen or King mattresses will fit just about any bedroom. The bigger, the better.
  • Buy a Complete Set, Not Just the Mattress
    A good foundation is as important as a good mattress. When buying a mattress, buy its companion. The two are designed to work best together.
  • Forget About Comparison Shopping by Model Names
    It’s very hard to find the same model names from store to store. So, find a sleep set you like, then see what levels of comfort and support you can get for the same price in another store. But don’t forget to compare store services and delivery.
  • Spend as Much as Your Budget Can Afford
    Don’t scrimp. Shop for the best value, not the best price. Mattress prices are determined by the materials used, the quality of construction, and the size. Considering the amount of time you will use a sleep set, the cost is actually only pennies per night. In mattresses, you get what you pay for.
  • The warranty is Important But Not the Final Word
    A warranty is for the purpose of protecting you against product defects, not against gradual loss of comfort and support. Don’t look to the warranty to tell you how long your mattress and foundation should last.
  • Important Quick Tips:
    Think comfort, support, durability, space, and foundation. Test drive thoroughly and spend as much as you can afford.